LED Pendant Lights Lift

LED Pendant Lights Lift

Our LED pendant light as an impressive light source, for example above the dining table or the kitchen island. The practical LED pendant light is completely adapted to your needs and wishes. The length, light colour, profile color and dimmability can be configured. The lights can be adjusted up to 1m in height. Read more...

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LED pendant lights and their possible applications

The LED pendant light as an eye-catcher and pleasant ambience in every room. Here are some uses:

  • above the dining table
  • above the office desk
  • above the meeting table
  • above the kitchen island

Install LED pendant lights

The LED pendant lights are attached to the ceiling with two screws. The cable entry is decentralized on one side from the ceiling. The cover of the canopy is either mounted magnetically (non-dimmable version) or with two grub screws (dimmable versions).