We help you to dream LED lighting

Customized linear LED lighting for individual needs. With the multitude of aluminum profiles and efficient LED strips, you get the ideal LED light for your application. The concrete insert developed by us is particularly popular.

We process acrylic glass, aluminum and wood with our CNC milling machine. We can therefore offer you illuminated letters, covers and custom-made products.

First-class mounting rings, LED modules and control gear for built-in lights as MR16 replacement. Can be ordered as individual components or as a set. Sustainable, easy to install and unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio.

Technical LED lamps range for inside and outside from well-known manufacturers, which cover the needs of daily needs.

By focusing exclusively on LED lighting since the foundation in 2008, as well as the long-term employees, your project receives the necessary know-how and attention.

Top LED lighting

RZB HB501 LED wall + ceiling light around 300mm 18W
139,36 CHF
RZB HB505 LED wall + ceiling light 268mm 18W 3000K
91,55 CHF
RZB HB702 LED moisture-proof luminaire 1260mm 20 / 35W 4000K
84,92 CHF
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