Light terms

luminous flux
The luminous flux is the total radiated from a light source in all directions, light output. This is measured in lumens (lm).

The illuminance is a measure of the light incident on a surface light. The unit is the lux (lx).

Light color- and temperature
White light is indicated in the color temperature, and thus in Kelvin (K). e.g. Candle Light (1500K) or light bulb (2800K)
All spectral colors are usually expressed in wavelengths nanometers (nm). e.g. red (630 nm) or blue (470nm)

RGB is a color mixture which consists of the colors red, green and blue. With these color mixtures over 16 million colors can be produced. These applications are used in monitors and displays.

SMD is an abbreviation for Surface Mounted Devices (Engl.) = Surface Mounted Device. Electronic SMD components have a special compact design.

Beam angle
The beam angle indicates the angle at which the light is emitted forward. It is measured in degrees (°).

DMX is a Steuerbussignal coming from the Showtechnik ago. By addressing the individual components, we determined the membership. There are 512 addresses available.

DALI is a protocol for building automation control lighting control gear. By addressing the individual components, we determined the membership. A maximum of 64 control units per island system can be operated. Each operating unit can be assigned to 16 groups and 16 atmospheres (Intervalwerte) are stored on the device.

Degree of protection IP
The first reference when specifying Degree of protection (IP), gives us information about the contact and foreign body protection. The second digit informed about water protection of electrical equipment. The degree of protection is to be selected accordingly depending on the installation. e.g .. Outdoor Lights IP64 / IP65

First digit contact and foreign body protection
  0 No special protection
  1 enter> 50mm
  2 enter> 12.5mm
  3 penetrate> 2.5mm
  4 penetrate> 1mm
  5 dustproof
  6 Dustproof

Second digit Water Conservation
  0 No special protection
  1 against vertically dripping water
  2 tilted against vertically dripping water 15 °
  3 against spraying water
  4 against splashing water
  5 against Strahlwasse
  6 against powerful water jets
  7 against water submersion
  8 against continuous immersion in water