LED strips 24V DC

LED strips 24V DC

With our flexible LED Strips , individual lengths can be realized (divisible every ~ 25mm, ~ 50mm, ~ 55.5mm, ~ 62.5mm or ~ 100mm). Connection for soldering at the interfaces. Easy assembly thanks to heat-resistant 3M adhesive tape on the back. Available in a wide range of services and light colors.

Do you want custom-made LED strips ready for connection?

We would be happy to assemble the LED strips in the desired length with the appropriate cable and plug. Easy to order through the shop. Desired measure not included? Ask our customer service. If necessary, we will install them at your site.

Why BASIC or PROF LED Strip?

The BASIC LED Strip is controlled by a series resistor of the LED current. In the PROF versions, this is done via a transistor, which also keeps the current constant at different voltages. You also have your own temperature monitoring, which protects the LEDs against overheating.