LED Lamps

When it comes to LED lamps , the Swiss usually thinks of «lights». Seen correctly, however, lamps are a lamp (bulb). The LED lamps are available in various versions and shapes such as E27 and E14 as pears, drops or candle shapes or GU10 and MR16 as LED reflector lamps . Compared to conventional light sources, the LED convinces with energy efficiency, low pollution and a long service life.

How to properly dim LED lamps?

To get the cleanest possible dimming, we recommend the use of universal phase cut LED dimmers (Feller 40020) with a low minimum load. To do this, the LED lamp must be identified as dimmable. Even then, flickering due to ripple control signals or other network faults can occur in a few cases. With our MR16 LED modules you can avoid this with a DALI LED converter.

Sustainable alternative to GU10 or MR16 reflector lamps

Our MR16 LED modules are ideal for installation in standard recessed lights with GU10 or GU5,3 / MR16. With your heat sink and the remote operating electronics, you will enjoy it for a long time. The operating electronics, which is the weak point, can thus be replaced if necessary.